Just who is the customer?


flowersA couple of days before Mother’s Day here in the UK, I saw a TV commercial for [amazon-product region=”us” text=”101 Housework Songs” type=”text”]B001QITOGQ[/amazon-product] – billed as The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day.

Sure, if you want to get a smack upside the head!

When you’re marketing your products, who do you market to, the buyer or the intended end user?

Sure, this is an extreme example but this obvious marketing misstep made me think, do you start with the IT department or the accounts department if you’re selling payroll software? If you’re selling a mini-van to a 2 point 4 children family with a stay at home dad, whose needs are you addressing primarily if mom already has a roadster to drive to the office?

If you’re doing things right you appeal to all the key decision makers. Your payroll software should have all the key features the accounts department want and you should have answers for all the IT department’s questions, but the IT department aren’t going to insist they install your software, the accountants are going to drive that through.

I can’t quite imagine what, other than a lack of creativity and utter desperation would drive someone to try and market a gift that is belittling and insulting but I’m thankful for the example. If you really don’t know what to get your mother next mother’s day, it’s pretty simple: flowers, breakfast in bed, take her out to dinner, and do all the housework yourself – you can listen to whatever music you like while you do it.

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