Don’t Be Disingenuous

not a fair comparisonToday I received a piece of junk mail, I have no idea how they got my email address, I’m guessing from an unscrupulous UK based list seller (it’s a .com address but the mailing is from a UK company).

The point of this post isn’t to tilt against the windmill of spam, it is to underline the fact that you have to get your story straight. 

This company’s selling an interesting service – take a luxury chauffeur driven car from London to wherever, instead of first class train travel for several people. Leaving aside the obvious issues of traffic and roadworks that is part of life in the UK as well as the clearly environmentally unfriendly aspects of this option, the sender has chosen to illustrate their point with an image of the interior of a standard class train carriage (5 seats across) compared to the rear seats of a luxury sedan. It’s just not an apples-to-apples comparison. Why not a spacious first class carriage? Couldn’t find a stock image of one or didn’t want to pay for a first class ticket so you could take one yourself? Here’s a link to some Creative Commons licensed images on Flickr to choose from, I’m sure one of those photographers wouldn’t mind a few quid for the rights to use it.

Well done! They’ve already spammed me and it’s clear that they’re economical with the truth. Really want to prove your point? Buy a first class ticket for a rush hour train and take a picture of all the people who end up having to stand because it’s overcrowded. Lead with the positives about your service: door-to-door, you’re guaranteed to get a seat, leave when you want and not when the timetable says, in-car wifi, privacy and discretion – these aren’t even mentioned in your email! Just don’t try to mislead.


Photo credit (?!): Chauffeur Select

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