Google TV Ads Online – close but no cigar

Google TV Ads Online – disappointed that it’s not an archive of TV ads, tagged and categorised.

kid mesmerised by TV

A few weeks back I wrote a post around the idea that some people might actually want to watch TV ads.

On Thursday Google announced TV Ads Online. From the headline I envisaged that it would give me what I want – the ability to watch lots of ads online. Turns out it’s their TV Ad buying service, now with the ability to buy ‘webtime’ as well as airtime.

So all they’re doing is extending the reach of ads from offline/broadcast tv to online video, allowing you to buy ads in the same programmes/channels you’ve been able to buy them in offline. Just another way for advertisers to place interruption advertising.

Where’s the universal archive of tagged and categorised videos that I (and I’m thinking quite a lot of other marketers and ad people) want, uncluttered by shows?

Photo credit: Aaron Escobar

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