Five Must read marketing/internet/social media blog posts from this week


guy reading noticesI’ve had my head down working and absorbing information this week, reading books and blogs. Here are five helpful/useful/relevant and informative posts from the past week that I recommend – much more worthwhile than anything I would have written this week!

Christopher S. Penn: How powerful is your social media?
A warning not to drink too deeply from the pitcher of social media kool-aid

David Meerman Scoot: What we all really want is ATTENTION
The various ways to beg borrow, steal or earn attention

Search Engine Land: Fights In The Google Monopoly Debate Miss Key Points
Great overview of the current state of play with Google and the ways it’s claiming not to be a monopoly.

Seth Godin: Can You Change Everything?
Huge list of things you can do to make a difference and get yourself out of a rut.

Topspin: Twitter Emerges as a Viable Direct Marketing Channel
Informative piece detailing how Twitter has moved needles in sizeable ways for a couple of bands.

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