What’s the last Purple Cow you bought?

Seth Godin (and others) are always talking about being ‘remarkable’.

Given that we’re all susceptible to remarkable things and feel a need to share them so I thought I’d share my most recent purple cow with you.


That’s the exterior of the building our apartment is in. We moved home about a month ago and when we were looking at places to rent this one stuck out – literally. The bay window in the turret gives a 180 degree view and has great light for reading.

What’s the last purchase you made because of something remarkable?

1 thought on “What’s the last Purple Cow you bought?”

  1. :) like this question. I read “Purple Cow” and impressed the way Seth Godin emphasized “purple cow” concept. Joined a discussion recently with some professional regarding the post “who-the-hell-are-these-people” by David Meerman Scott. They said they also don't like using those models and/or stockimage but because of budget, time, requests of clients etc…. So, knowing “purple cow” and having it are two different things, right? as I know your last purchased is a great purple cow but I know for sure I can't afford to have it…

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