Hello, Park 458

Many years ago that’s how people used to answer the phone, confirming the number the caller had dialled. The reason for this? Phones were less personal and misdials were more common. Some people still do it, at home. Mostly it’s a waste of time, the percentage of misdialed calls is dropping as more people call from a phone that confirms the number dialled. In any case people answering company phone lines don’t quote the number back, they state the name of their company.

You may wonder why I’m mentioning this. It’s because I’ve noticed a fair number of websites recently using content management systems set up with no thought whatsoever to the SEO value AND usability benefit of having a well crafted title tag. Repeating the domain name is a waste of time – it’s already in the location bar of the browser anyway.¬†Imagine calling Hertz and the phone being answered by someone parroting the number you’d just dialled: “Hertz, 08455 19 15 36”, completely pointless.

Take a few moments to check through your site. Your title tags should be:

  1. Keyword rich
  2. Non-repetitive
  3. Written for humans, not used as a replacement for the meta keywords tag
  4. Devoid of your domain name. Please.

The site title/company name should in there, but put it at the end – ranking #1 for your company name is easy.

Image credit: Carlos Lorenzo via Creative Commons on Flickr

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