Make your customers look good

Here in the Czech Republic it’s a long weekend. And by long I mean very long; there are two bank holidays, on Monday and Tuesday.
It seems like the whole city’s shutting up shop right now (Friday afternoon) and heading out of town but not everyone will be able to get out of the city for the 4 day weekend.
My gym has taken the opportunity to offer an “Open Holiday” to members’ friends. From Saturday through Tuesday you can take a friend who is also stuck in the city to the gym with you, free of charge.¬†Fact is their 4 gyms will be deserted over these 4 days anyway, why not give members the opportunity to share their gym with friends. Maybe those friends will like it enough to join up too.

Action Item

What can you do in your business, at minimal marginal cost, to encourage trial by flipping the funnel and have your existing customers help out with your acquisition and allow them to give something to their friends too?

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