Want to know why you can’t always trust survey results?

PieThe latest Pew Internet and American Life survey says that whilst:

33% of internet users have paid for digital music online
33% have paid for software
21% have paid for apps for their cell phones or tablet computers


5% have paid for tools or materials to use in video or computer games
5% have paid for “cheats or codes” to help them in video games
5% have paid to access particular websites such as online dating sites or services
2% have paid for adult content

All this means is that not everybody answers questions honestly. You know how I know that? Because right above these stigmatised types of content is this line:

7% have paid for podcasts

Really? Because according to Edison Research (PDF) in 2010 23% of people had listened to a podcast.

And just under a third of them have paid for one? I’m not buying it.

As Dr House says: “People lie”.

image credit: Azizul Ameir via Creative Commons on Flickr