Is Yahoo Directory still worth it?

Is paying $300 a year for a Yahoo directory listing still worth it? Google aren’t saying much and the lift it gave in your Yahoo results is gone.

Yahoo Directory Circa 1995Now Bing is powering Yahoo’s search results, anyone tracking their search engine positions across both engines will have see their Yahoo rankings move into line with their Bing ranking

In a particular case of a client with a paid Yahoo Directory listing, the Yahoo rankings have dropped from a probably unrealistic first place all the way down to 21. Theoretically the directory listing didn’t affect the organic placement but that’s pretty hard to believe on the basis of this evidence.

This leads me to question the value of a Yahoo directory listing. The listing in the directory itself has brought just 3 visits so far this year, indicating that no humans are using the directory. As for that top ranking, there wasn’t much organic traffic coming from Yahoo anyway (less than 10% of the traffic that came from Google).

A Yahoo Directory listing costs $299 a year, so now it’s just down to gut feeling on whether a known paid link from it still carries any value in the other search engines’ algorithms. Google no longer suggest getting listed there on their webmaster advice pages. Is this an indication that it’s time to cut that expense and spend the money on something more trackable and productive?

Image credit: David Erickson via Creative Commons on Flickr