Finally some sense about Google Instant

When Google announced Google Instant yesterday, where the search results change as you type, some people proclaimed SEO dead, whilst displaying a stunning lack of understanding of how Google Instant works, how users interact with it and what SEO really is.

If you’re not getting Google Instant, you should check that you’re signed in and using or Other Google domains don’t appear to be enabled yet. If you’re using it and it bothers you, turn it off with a control to the right of the search box.

Here are three excellent explanations of why Google Instant is a GOOD THING for SEO, and far from the Extinction Level Event claimed, by people who really know their stuff. Google Instant didn’t come to bury SEO but to praise it.

If you’re curious as to the effect of Google Instant on your traffic here are a couple of howtos for segmenting out that traffic in Google Analytics – essentially you get to see the original query (e.g. “choco”) and the expanded query that Google displayed the results for (“chocolate”).

As an aside, anyone else amused by Google Instant coming on the heels of the Caffeine update?

Image credit: Roadside Pictures via Creative Commons on Flickr