Using your Facebook Page Wall Posts on your website

Polevkarna's Facebook WallUpdating things in two places can be a pain, in terms of just the time it takes, or because your own website isn’t built on a content management system that can handle quick updates.

I’ve seen a lot of businesses recently with what looks like an unloved website, but a very active Facebook presence. Sure Facebook has 500 million users and counting but not everyone’s on Facebook and not everyone thinks to go there for the latest info.

Why not display your Facebook wall on your page?

The easy way

Facebook make this easy, with a widget: the Like Box is the one you’re after.¬†You can alter how it looks a little but if that’s not what you’re after, there’s always…

The not so easy way

If you want more control over your how feed is displayed, you can make use of your page’s RSS feed, which only shows the page’s own wall posts, not those of people who ‘like’ your page (formerly ‘fans’). You’ll need to look at the source code of your page to find the feed address, then use some software on your own website to handle that feed. Most CMS platforms have capabilities, either natively or through plugins to read and reformat RSS feeds as required.

One advantage of the not-so-easy way is that most of these plugins will include the text right in the page code, rather than using an iframe like the Facebook Like Box does, so you get an SEO benefit of having updated relevant content on your site and therefore indexed by search engines.